To explore whether or not Celebrate Recovery may hold some advantage for your life simply ask yourself whether you or someone you are in a close relationship with may: _______________________________

¨  Do too much
¨  Owe too much
¨  Work too much
¨  Exercise too much
¨  Spend too much
¨  Lust too much or too often
¨  Sleep too much
¨  Fantasize too much/often
¨  Grieve too long
¨  Gamble too much
¨  Use illicit drugs too often
¨  Feel used too often
¨  Act compulsively too often
¨  Become sad too often
¨  Lose control too often
¨  Become jealous too often
¨  Get manipulated too often
¨  Be too early too often
¨  Feel guilty too often
¨  Feel hopeless
¨  Feel trapped too often
¨  Feel unloved too often
¨  Feel like a failure too often

¨  Eat too much

¨  Worry too much
¨  Give to others too much
¨  Drink too much
¨  Care too much
¨  Smoke too much
¨  Rush too much
¨  Obsess too much
¨  Diet too much/often
¨  Seek excitement too often
¨  Yell or scream too often
¨  Get angry too often
¨  Act sexually inappropriately
¨  Be greedy too often
¨  Feel overwhelmed
¨  Feel envious too often
¨  Be anxious or afraid
¨  Be late too often
¨  Feel resentful too often
¨  Feel lonely too often
¨  Feel unlovable
¨  Feel worthless too often
¨  Feel unattractive
¨  Feel unforgivable too often

¨  Play video games too much