Self Evaluation for Sexual Addiction

Self-Evaluation for sexual addiction

For most people, their sexual lives and choices are manageable.  But for some of us, what started out as exploration, love or a means to feel better turned out to be something that began to control us.  We found ourselves in situations where it felt as if we could no longer control our choices.  Consider some of these questions to see if sex has moved from being a healthy part of your life to a destructive obsession:

  1. Do you go from one relationship to another?
  2. Do you feel the right relationship would fulfill all your needs?
  3. Do you use sex as an escape?
  4. Do you make excuses to leave your partner as soon as possible after the act?
  5. After a sexual experience do you feel guilty?
  6. Has your pursuit of sex interfered with your relationship with your spouse?
  7. Do you find you are unable to resist a sexual overture?
  8. Have you ever sought out help to change your sexual behavior or thinking? Have you ever wanted to?
  9. Have you ever tried to limit or stop acting out but been unable to?
  10. Do you put yourself or others in dangerous situations in pursuit of sex?
  11. Have you found that you are unable to resist sex or sexual images?
  12. Do you have trouble concentrating or completing tasks at work because you are always thinking about sex?
  13. Do you spend time on the internet viewing pornographic websites?
  14. Do you you find yourself obsessively trying to find the “best picture” to end with?
  15. Do you take time away from work to pursue sexual activities?
  16. Do you feel you have lost control of your actions to the need of sex?
  17. Have you every pursued adult venues or services when away from home alone?
  18. Do you instinctively spot and remember the location of adult venues when driving with friends or family and secretly begin to plan to return?
  19. Do you feel you have lost control of your actions to the need of sex?
  20. Have you ever been arrested for a sex offense?
  21. Have you taken risks to health and reputation for sex?
  22. Is your sexual life characterized by secrecy and shame?
  23. Do find yourself drawn to fantasy about co-workers and other acquaintances planning what it would be like to be in an intimate relationship with them?

What is your score?

There is no “right number” that says you are a sex addict.  However if several of these questions ring true, you might consider exploring this area of recovery by contacting the Celebrate Recovery group nearest to you.